• 3rd Convocation of DUET 2016
  • Miss Tehseen Anwer got first position award in 3rd Convocation DUET 2016
  • 3rd Convocation of DUET 2016
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  • 6th September, 2012 Defence day
  • Annual dinner party Batch 2009
DUET commits itself to the path of excellence connected with learning and the advancement and dissemination of knowledge to all who wish to strive in this direction, without regard for race, class or origin, caste, creed or faith and guarantees to provide equal opportunities without fear or favour, and endeavours to protect the liberties in an open academic environment, providing quality education, which is our prime motive.
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Carmudi PK Scholarship Program

Here at Carmudi we firmly believe that excellence in academics ought to be rewarded so as to encourage students to perform even better, as well as to gain adequate experience about working in a corporate environment following their graduation.

To this end we would like to offer the hardworking students at Dawood University the Carmudi Scholarship Program.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Ages 17+
  • Students in Economics, Business, Engineering, IT, Marketing or relevant majors in any participating partner universit
  • 3.5+ GPA / 4
  • ​Reference letter from the participating partner university OR a copy of the university student card confirming that the student is enrolled at the university

Please have a look at Carmudi scholarship Program http://www.carmudi.pk/scholarship/

licenses of commercial petroleum engineering software.

“Petroleum & Gas Engineering department (DUET) is highly enthusiastic on achieving academic licenses of commercial petroleum engineering software for the department. Read More

It proves department’s constant commitment towards achieving excellence in the field by enhancing its present facilities to make DUET’s Petroleum & Gas Engineering department the most versatile and practical oriented department.

Petroleum & Gas Engineering department has signed Educational License Agreement contract with two software developing companies (Petroleum Experts and KAPPA).

  1. Petroleum Experts (UK) has provided 10 licenses of their six commercial products: PROSPER, GAP, PVTP, MBAL, REVEAL & RESOLVE. Commercial cost of those software is £1,333,300.75. Petroleum Experts has donated the equivalent of £1,333,300.75 to Dawood University of Engineering & Technology.
  2. KAPPA (France) has provided 25 licenses of ECRIN (Saphir NL, Topaze NL, Diamant, Rubis, Amethyste), Emeraude, Citrine. KAPPA has donated those commercial software for academic use of the students in Petroleum & Gas Engineering department (DUET).

Dawood University of Engineering & Technology is really grateful to Petroleum Experts and KAPPA for their generous support."

Dated: 22/02/2016

Guidelines for DUET Students to apply for Prime Minister's Laptop Scheme (PMNLS) 2015 - Phase II

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Form for DUET Email and HEC-Microsoft Academic Alliance

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Dated: 08/03/2016
Notice Inviting Tender
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Dated: 04/02/2016
1st Merit List Self Finance 2nd Priority
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Dated: 02/02/2016
1st Merit List Self Finance 1st Priority
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Dated: 30/01/2016
2nd Merit List Sindh Rural
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2nd Merit List Sindh Urban
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Dated: 29/01/2016
Seminar on “Technological advancement in oil refining” on Saturday,
the January 30, 2016 at 11:00 am
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Dated: 25/01/2016
Exposé on Un-Accounted for Gas (UFG)
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Dated: 13/01/2016

1st Provisional Merit Lists (TECHNOLOGY WISE) - Admission Session 2015-16 (BATCH 2016)

Dated: 11/01/2016
Directorate of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
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Guidelines for DUET Students to apply for Prime Minister's Laptop Scheme (PMNLS) 2015 - Phase II
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